Ionuț Dragoș

The Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research from Venice is organizing, in collaboration with the University of West Timișoara, between July 4-9, 2022, in the Small Gallery, the graphic exhibition TRAHSHUMANIKA. Artist: Ionut Dragoș. Curator: Eleonora Scarlat.

“In an omnipresent melancholy, throughout the entire creative process, the young graphic artist Dragoș Ionuț reflects on the loss of authentic values replaced by capitalist ideologies. The exhibition concept is based on the idea that with the evolution of technology, the traditional craft loses its value, the manual work done in the past being replaced by machines. The Romanian people have managed over time to preserve their cultural legacy, thus enjoying a well-defined national identity. Nowadays, however, generations no longer give the same meaning to customs. Although the artist does not condemn this process, he places himself in the position of the observer, leaving it up to the viewer to judge whether or not they still correspond to today’s social and economic reality.

The exhibited works reflect the projections of a utopian society, characterized by consumerism with a capitalist edge. In a cathartic visual diary, he looks with skepticism at industrialization and foreign insertions into the life of the village and the culture of Maramures. Interested in experiment, his works present the complexity of easel and screen printing graphic techniques in conveying visual messages.

The perception of the exhibition by visitors can be a voyeuristic invitation to reflect on authentic values. Forced to embrace the new changes, it captures in a plastic way the identity crisis suffered as a result of uprooting and the loss of everyday comfort at a subconscious level.”

(Eleonora Scarlat, curator)

Ionuț Dragoș is a graphic designer, a graduate of the Western University of Timișoara, Faculty of Arts and Design, majoring in “Advertising and Book Graphics” and a second-year master’s student of the same faculty. In his artistic practice, he is concerned with themes such as the recontextualization of the Romanian village in different artistic environments. Interested in the issue of consumerism, he takes everyday images from the environment, recomposing them in a satirical, jovial manner. Savoringly illustrates the mental states he goes through such as anxiety, depression or bipolarity in a cathartic journal. Ionuț Dragoș, signs his works under the pseudonym “DRGXP”. Interested in experiment, his works present the complexity of easel and screen printing graphic techniques in conveying visual messages. He is inspired by currents such as Dadaism, Neo-Expressionism, Privitism, Fauvism, Cubism, Modernism or even American abstractionism.

Eleonora Scarlat (born 1997) is a graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Design, majoring in “Ceramics, glass, metal” and a master’s degree in “Conservation Restoration-Icon, painting and restoration” of the West University in Timișoara. Currently, she is a PhD student of the same university, with the topic “Investigations of psychology in the art of the last decades”. He made biographical notes for the FAD Teachers’ Album, 2021. He collaborated in the development of cultural projects run by the University of West Timișoara and non-governmental organizations.

The Faculty of Arts and Design within the University of West Timișoara is the largest specialized center in the western part of the country. The study programs offered by the Faculty of Arts and Design cover both the area of traditional arts and applied arts, as well as the theoretical area. Through the 11 directions of study at the bachelor’s level, 10 directions at the master’s level, respectively the doctoral studies, F.A.D. provides higher education in all fields of Visual Arts.

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