PEND # 6   Work in (g) Place

About PEND #6  – Work in (g) Place

Project Initiator: Daniela Catona, Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara

April-July 2021

The WORK IN (G) PLACE project aims to investigate the multitude of relationships to the visual artist’s work environment, specific to the period of isolation.

During the pandemic, the space in which the artists’ works are made, a space that can generically be called the “working table”, received new attributes. The students of the art faculties were mostly forced to move their school workshop space at home, the artists worked more isolated than before, and those who worked with the digital environment added a new facet to their work screens, that of online communication.

In this relationship between isolation and disclosure, built on a permanent balance between display and retraction, a documentation of the work table/workspace becomes a metaphor for what we define as intimate or taboo, for what we decide to reveal.

WORK IN (G) PLACE brings together the proposals of 62 visual artists from 16 countries. The images were presented for the first time on the Facebook social network at




Simona Nuțiu Gradoux, Nancy, France // Arinda Crăciun, Berlin, Germany // Lorena Garoiu, Timișoara, Romania // Lukas Thaler, Vienna, Austria // Dan Perjovschi, Sibiu, Romania // Ileana Crăciun, Cluj-Napoca, Romania // Velimir Vukicevic, Belgrade, Serbia // Dan-Raul Pintea, Sibiu, Romania // Adriana Lucaciu, Timișoara, Romania // Alberto Bustos, Tarragona, Spain // Valentina Ștefănescu, Timișoara, Romania // Grit Uhlemann, Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany // Bogdan Achimescu, Poland // Bahadir Cem Erdem, Avanos, Turkey // Hedy M-Kiss, Timișoara, Romania // Reka Györgypal Adorjáni, Timișoara, Romania // Dian van Vugt, Eindhoven, Netherlands // Nedko Solakov, Sofia, Bulgaria //Dona Arnakis, Dumbrăvița, Romania // Pinar Bal, Nevșehir, Turkey // Laura Duduleanu, Timișoara, Romania // Matei Gașpar, Giroc, Romania // Michele Bressan, București, Romania // Kathleen Scarboro, Talmontiers, France // Natalia Bica, Timișoara // Miron Schmückle, Berlin, Germany // Dana Simionescu, Timișoara, Romania // Otilia Gruneanțu Scriuba, McCray Lake Ontario, Canada // H. Aybike Karakurt, Avanos Nevsehir, Cappadocia, Turkey // Marta Jakobovits, Oradea, Romania // Nora Blaj, Norwich, UK // Vasile Lihor Laza, Timișoara, Romania // Melih Karakurt, Avanos Nevșehir, Cappadocia, Turkey // Diana Baltag, București, Romania // Marian Ștefan, Leghia, Cluj County, Romania // Laura Ungureanu, Timișoara, Romania // Simcha Even Chen, Rehovot, Israel // Zsuzsanna Kopeczny, Timisoara, Romania // Djakou Kassi Nathalie, Lagos, Nigeria// Diana Harja, Timișoara, Romania // Claudiu Cobilanschi, București, Romania // Mimi Ciora, Timișoara, Romania // Betül Aytepe Serinsu, Avanos Nevșehir, Cappadocia, Turkey // Cathy Burghi, Florianópolis, Brasil // Daniela Orăvițanu, Timișoara, Romania // Ulrike Ettinger, Berlin, Germany // Otilia Efros, Timișoara, Romania // Smaranda Moldovan, Timișoara, Romania // Ioana Preda, Timișoara, Romania // Ferit Cihat Sertkaya, Avanos Nevșehir, Cappadocia, Turkey // Loredana Tîrzioru, Timișoara, Romania // Nicolae Moldovan, București, Romania //Szép Zsófia, Miercurea Ciuc, Romania // Maria Magiaru, Timisoara, Romania // Rodolfo Fuentes, Montevideo, Uruguay // Daliana Pavel, Timișoara, Romania // Dana Constantin, Timișoara, Romania // Adriana Chiruta, Sibiu (Carambach), Romania // Andreea Palade Flondor, Timișoara, Romania // Nicolas Leș, Cluj-Napoca, Romania // Rosenda Yáñez Sánchez, Monforte de Lemos, Spain // Dana Catona, Timișoara, Romania