West University of Timișoara through the Faculty of Arts and Design represented by Prof.Univ.Dr. Habil Camil Mihăescu – Dean in partnership with Dr. Anna Safronova (Kyiv, Ukraine) – artist photographer, invites you THURSDAY June 30 at 14:00 to the opening of the photography exhibition “INTEROTO” edition 2022 UKRAINE which this time has a special character due socio-political context of this country and is dedicated to young Ukrainian photographers.

Dr. Anna Safronova is pursuing postdoctoral studies at the West University of Timișoara and describes in the following lines this year’s INTERFOTO exhibition.
“Ukrainian photography, as its culture in general has developed today to define the idea of ​​an independent country with its own history, culture, way of thinking and perception of beauty. It gained recognition already in the Soviet period thanks to the Kharkov School of Photography, which aimed primarily at revealing the social problems associated with living in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.
It should be noted that Ukraine and especially Kyiv has a high concentration of photographers. Kiev can really be called a photographic city, rich in photo studios, photography schools, photo circles and art galleries. As a result, the number of photographers with their own commercial and artistic projects is increasing every year. In the last year in Kyiv there were frequent festivals, exhibitions and photo fairs, as well as book festivals of Ukrainian photographers.
Although the INTERFOTO 2022 UKRAINE exhibition was organized in a very short time, it includes the collection of works by completely different photographers with whom I had the pleasure to communicate and work. All these people expressed their willingness to get involved in the project. Unfortunately, many of them were forced to leave the country urgently, and many works were lost or left in their homeland, without the possibility of further promotion. Some of my close friends, for one reason or another, could not participate in the exhibition but everyone was even happy that they were offered the opportunity to participate. The first reason for such an attitude is that everyone is in love with photography as the work of their life and not just a regular hobby or a profession.
The works presented are created by artists of different ages, experience and professional skills, as well as level of recognition although all are interesting and original in their own way.
I hope that this project will help familiarize visitors to the exhibition with the phenomenon of photography in Ukraine and the concrete works of Ukrainian photographers.
I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizers of the INTERFOTO exhibition and to the West University of Timișoara, thanks to whom this event takes place and to all the people who helped directly. ” – Dr. Anna Safronova

The exhibition can be visited in the MANSARDA Gallery of the Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara 4 Oituz Street or online on

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