Interdesign 2022

Now in its fourth edition, the Interdesign Biennale is a referential event at the international level for the field of design, both in the professional sphere and in the specialized academic environment. For Timișoara, in the context of the events held within the European Capital of Culture 2023 project, the Interdesign Biennale becomes a landmark in the artistic sphere, consolidating the image of Timișoara as a metropolis where culture has a place of honor. The Western University of Timișoara (UVT), through its Faculty of Arts and Design, assumes the important role occasioned by this European and international context with the motto “At Uvt culture is capital!”

The event unites designers from three continents and seven countries, a total of over 80 participants and over 180 entries. Although there is a wide range of approaches in the projects entered, the issues transcend geographical and cultural barriers, showing once again the global nature of design, at least from the perspective of the proposed solutions, according to increasingly similar needs, all over the world .

Thus, we find proposals, as simple as they are contextually appropriate, from many common areas of industrial products. Products from the area of concern for adult or children’s safety equipment are presented, which is most welcome. A special place also belongs to those admirable proposals made in support of the efficient use of limited resources, water and energy, in the so-called third world countries, but not only. The solutions that some projects offer at a conceptual level to help the global effort to combat pollution and manage the effects of climate change are also topical.
On the other hand, the proposals in the section dedicated to graphic design show a greater freedom of issues, oscillating between the somewhat more rigorous aspects of branding and artistic communication concepts, illustrated by original artistic techniques and formulas.
The design of the jewelry and clothing accessories in this catalog manifests, perhaps, the greatest degree of conceptual freedom, addressing the most diverse themes, all integrating a certain cultural concept, often by valuing local specifics. Perhaps this is where the diversity of the selection of designers is best reflected, the temptation to offer universal solutions suitable globally being somewhat less than in the case of product design or interior design projects.

After the first three editions, Interdesign strengthens the partnerships that the Western University of Timișoara, through the Faculty of Arts and Design, has with important Asian and European university centers. In addition to these, a number of established designers from North America and Asia ensure the level of exigence. With us are: International Association of Jewelery Merchandize Planning Professionals Ltd., (Hong Kong, China), Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, (China), Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, (China), Wuhan University of Engineering Science, (China) , Hubei University of Technology, (China), as well as the University of Szeged (Hungary) and the Faculty of Graphics and Design, (Novi-Sad, Serbia).