Don’t know what concept art means? Then imagine a movie production like Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings and then think about all the things you see in them. From the fantastic landscapes, to equally unexpected architectures and even to the multitude of decorative objects, everything is specially imagined to visually support these stories and best define the context in which they unfold. All of this is the result of a process called concept art, a niche of art that we mostly associate with creative industries, digital environments dedicated to gaming or cinematographic productions.

This particular form of artistic manifestation is presented in the FICTIONART event, held in the Attic Gallery of the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, starting on December 15, 2022. This international art event was born through the efforts of two teaching staff, university conf. Dr. Sergiu Zegrean and associate professor dr. habil Iosif Mihailo, materializing through the selection of 41 artists from Romania, Hungary, UK, Austria or China. Among the 68 images that create a special atmosphere on the walls of the Mansardă Gallery, visitors can recognize works by award-winning and internationally recognized professionals. Perhaps the most eloquent example is that of a participant awarded for artistic excellence in the Game of Thrones film production. The exhibition is completed by works by professionals or enthusiasts of the genre, dedicated to specific branches of concept art, thus highlighting concepts of landscapes or characters, examples of the domain of the fantastic expressed through a rich variety of techniques, from traditional, to digital painting or digital modeling and sculpting. Also, as a result of the event, a catalog raisonné was produced, published at the West University Publishing House in Timișoara, with the initiators of the event as co-authors.

This first edition of FICTIONART defined itself in a multidisciplinary context and at the right time, from several points of view. On the one hand, the academic dynamism of the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara opened the way to new disciplines, approaches and technologies of design and, implicitly, still determines a careful study of these specific areas of the field. On the other hand, the status of the European Cultural Capital of Timișoara in 2023, in parallel with the principles and tradition of the Faculty of Arts and Design in Timișoara, creates the obligation to an active and uninterrupted involvement in supporting cultural and artistic values.

Thus, FICTIONART was born, on the one hand, from own desires and passions, defined by drawing and illustration, by the attraction to fantastic art, by the need to create and by self-improvement undertaken by students and teachers. On the other hand, against the backdrop of increasingly current requirements, the opening of the faculty to the area of concept art, creative industries with its ramifications in the field of cinematography and gaming was a natural move. Moreover, in the context of the new subjects in the didactic curriculum, subjects directly associated with this type of art, the event comes as a first form of encouragement and then deepening the field in the curriculum of the Faculty of Arts and Design from Timișoara.

We hope that this first event will open the doors to a long-term endeavor, which will bring together professionals and enthusiasts of this artistic form and, at the same time, contribute internationally to the image of our faculty and university.

Sergiu Zegrean

Image Gallery