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International Biennale of Miniature Arts Timisoara 2024 On-line

The International Biennale of Miniature Arts Timișoara 2024 is a multidisciplinary project dedicated to cultural education, with the stated aim of opening new perspectives and opportunities for interaction between artists, students, and art lovers. The sixth edition of this event represents a platform that promotes creativity, and innovation in artistic expression and facilitates socialization at an inter-community level.

The International Biennale of Miniature Arts Timișoara (BIAMT) stands out for its involvement in promoting cultural diversity and changing mentalities.

This year’s edition brings to the fore the concept of Micromundos – Exploring Small Universes as a central theme, serving as a starting point for artistic discussions. This theme encourages artists to approach and explore small, richly detailed universes within their creations, thus strengthening the connections between art, imagination, and the general public.

A small universe, a small space can become a whole universe to those who live in it, but at the same time, to an outside observer, it can remain only a detail or a small part of the whole. This perspective adds a touch of relativity and subjectivity to the interpretation of a “small universe.”

The micro-macro duality in perception provides an intriguing depth to artistic interpretation and expression. The artist can explore how his small world can have major meanings for the characters or objects that compose it, and at the same time, outside viewers can perceive it as part of a larger whole. This theme thus provides creative opportunities to explore different perspectives and bring to light the complexity of relativity in interpreting the small universe.

In this context artists can create works that emphasize subtle details of everyday objects on a small scale, create miniature scenes that tell stories in a novel way can create miniature scenes that tell stories in a unique way, explore miniature visual collages to build micro-narratives, experiment with miniature portraits to capture unique identities on a small scale, they can explore identity and cultural diversity in a compact space. Micromundos offer ample possibilities for creativity and artistic expression, be it painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, ceramics or textile arts.

The International Biennale of Miniature Arts Timișoara 2024 (BIAMT 2024) proposes to bring to the fore artistic creations that capture entire worlds on a small scale. From works of painting, graphics, ceramics, sculpture, and small installations to photography and textile arts, artists are invited to express their imagination in a limited space, challenging viewers to discover the beauty of detail on a reduced scale. 


 University of West Timișoara, Romania – Faculty of Arts and Design The official languages of the Biennale are Romanian and English.

Conditions of participation


  1. Professional artists and art students can participate
  2. Works in the field of visual arts are accepted: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, textile arts, and photography (experimental photography).
  3. All techniques are allowed
  4. An artist can participate with a maximum of two works within a single section. Participation in the exhibition is free.
  5. The maximum allowed dimensions for two-dimensional works are 10x10cm. The maximum external dimensions, respectively with frame or passe-partout, are 15x15cm. For three-dimensional works, the maximum allowed dimensions are 10x10x10cm. With the plinth, the maximum dimensions are 10x10x10cm plus the plinth 10x10x10cm. Please photograph the work alongside a ruler to confirm the size. Compliance with the dimensions of the works is mandatory. Works that do not meet these requirements will not enter the judging stage.
  6. For the registration and judging of works in the BIAMT exhibition, each participant will send: 
  • registration form (goole form- online)
  • a photograph in electronic format of the work/works in jpg format, (300 dpi, max 4 MB). We emphasize the need for a high quality photography (clarity, neutral background, light), necessary for the biennial catalog.
  • size confirmation photo in jpg format. (take a photo of the actual work next to a ruler to confirm the size)
  • The photos will be sent to


  1. The files must be named as follows: first name, author’s name, country, work title, technique, and section (Ex. Valentina Ștefănescu_Romania_Noduri_collage_Textile Art).
  2. The deadline for submitting the Google entry form and photos is 31 May 2024
  3. The exhibited works will be the subject of an online exhibition, can be the subject of television shows, and can be reproduced in the press and published in bulletins, catalogs, or video materials, without obligations from the organizers to the authors.
  4. Participants agree to the processing of personal data necessary for the realization of the exhibition catalog by completing the registration form for the International Biennale of Miniature Arts Timișoara 2024, thus confirming acceptance of the rules of the event.


     Six honorary prizes will be awarded for the following categories: painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, textile arts, and photography.

    The Jury:

     Each section is judged by a specialized jury composed of professional artists recognized in the field of visual arts.

    The jury will select the works and subsequently designate the prizes awarded by section.

    The jury’s decisions are final.

     Jury members are invited to participate in the exhibition outside the competition.


    General rules

     The organizers will publish a catalog of the event in pdf format, which can be accessed online at: or sent to the e-mail address of the authors, upon request.


     Participating artists will receive confirmation of participation by email. It is the artist’s responsibility to write the contact details correctly and clearly in the entry form. If the artist’s email is incorrect, BIAMT will not be responsible for the failure to transmit the information.


     The email address to which the photos and the registration form will be sent is

    For additional information, you can contact the Director of the Biennale of Miniature Arts – conf. univ. dr. Valentina Ștefănescu, e-mail:


     Registration period: 01 March 2024 – 31 May 2024

     Judging: June 10 – 14, 2024

     The jury’s decision will be sent by e-mail to the participants between June 19 – 21, 2024 Online exhibition launch: 05 July 2024 on ARTEfact | Facultatea de Arte și Design – UVT